Merchant Business Categories

Caship has the largest categories for merchant onboarding in India. Variety of merchants and business partners make Caship more demandable and accessible at the same time. Almost every important category is listed to provide maximum coverage and to provide maximum repeated customers to the associates merchants across the nation. Let’s understand the merchant categories;

  1. Automobile including Agriculture, commercial & passenger segment including EVs, RTVs, Go-Cart, Bicycle, ATV, Automotive Care, Automotive Accessory, Automotive Service, Tyre, Spare Parts, etc.
  2. Books, Publication, Magazine, Stationary, Notebooks, Diary, etc.
  3. Caship Mall, Caship Convenience Store, Caship Flagship Store, Except. Caship Utility, etc.
  4. Dog/ Cat/ Fish/ Bird/ Pet Care, Products, Goods & Services related to pets, etc.
  5. Electronics, Electrical, E-Appliances, Machines & Power Tools, Mobile, Gadgets, Printers, Camera, Digital Goods, etc.
  6. Fashion, Apparel, Accessory, Clothe, Furniture, Kitchenware, Households, Handloom, Interior, Watch, Wearable (Non-Electric/ Electronic) etc.
  7. Grocery Store, Provisional Store, Departmental Store, etc.
  8. Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Hostel, Home Stays, Lodge, Sleeping Pods, Banquet, Resort, Party Lawn, Auditorium, House Boats, etc.
  9. Educational and Training Institutes, Vocational, Diploma, Degree, Dance, Music, Art, etc.
  10. Gold/ Silver/ Platinum, Sterling/ Diamond Jewellery including hallmark & non-hallmark, Ornaments, Gemstone, (Ex. Gold & Silver Coin), Except artificial fashion jewellery etc.
  11. Cloud Kitchen, Bakery, Fresh/Frozen Meat, Fresh/Frozen Fruits, Fresh/Frozen Vegetables, Fresh/Frozen Dairy, etc.
  12. Leather, Non-Leather, Leatherette wearable, Accessories, Bags, Wallet, Belts, Shoes, Slippers, other leather/non leather goods, Luggage & Bags made of any material, etc.
  13. Movie, Theatre, Gaming, Sports, Entertainment, Club, Casino, Discotheque, etc.
  14. Electrical & Sanitary Hardware, Fittings, Accessories, Tile & Marble, Construction fittings, etc.
  15. Online & Other Category Merchants of any Good or Service whether listed or not in the Caship Merchant Category List.
  16. Professional Medical Services, Doctor’s Consultancy, Surgery, Physiotherapy, Diagnostic, Medical Labs, Medicine, Personalized Services, Massage, Grooming, Beauty, Healthcare, etc.
  17. Plot, Property including Flat, Independent Floor, Villa, Apartment, Penthouse, Bungalow, Farmhouse, Residential, Commercial, shop, office, SCO, SEZ, Industrial, Renting etc.
  18. Restaurants, Cafeteria, Bar, Lounge & Bar, Resto-Bar, Dine-in, Shakes & Ice Cream Parlour, Sweets, Snack, Fine Dining, etc.
  19. Salon, Barber, Spa Centre, Gymnasium, Fitness, Wellness, Goods or Services, etc.
  20. Tour, Travel, Taxi, Cab, Bus, Train, Flights, Cruise, Reservation Service, Art Gallery, Museum, Amusement, etc.
  21. Baby Care, Baby Goods or Services, Toys (included battery operated), Clothe, Fashion, etc.
  22. Software License, Application Purchase, Downloads, etc.
  23. Photography, Studio, Filming, Shoots, Astrologer & Vastu Consultant, including but not limited to Tarot, Reiki, Panchkarma, Horoscope, Kundali, matrimonial, etc
  24. Memorabilia, Souvenir, Decorative Items, Show-piece, Handicraft, Collectible, Paintings, etc.
  25. Custom Tailoring, Boutique, Dry Cleaner, Drapers, Yarn, Wool, etc.
  26. Reserved Category.

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